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Soapy Twist – Be Naturally Creative

 Your solution for all bath and body needs

Our goal goes with our name. We let our customers experience soaps (and other bath and body needs) with a twist from the traditional chemical mixed soaps readily available in the market today. 

The twist being – our customers make their own soaps (and other bath and body products) customized to their personal needs. This acts as a proof of surety and purity of what one needs in their bath and body products. Our wide product range ensures that the customization options for our customers are only limited by imagination.

We provide all kinds of ingredients one would require to make their own soaps, body washes, shampoos, lip balms, lotions and much more. We provide our customers the option to choose from a wide variety of

    1. natural herbs and botanicals such as activated charcoal, rose water, fruit powders etc.
    2. organic body butters such as shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter etc.
    3. exfoliants , essential oils, bath salts
    4. colourants and fragrance oils
    5. soap bases and liquid bases 
At Soapy Twist, we take pride in being the ‘bath and body needs’ specialists for our customers. We have been re-defining soap making in India since past four years and have noticed an ever increasing interest for DIY bath and body products.
We started off with the concept of making your own bath and body products keeping in mind two of our most important goals : promoting women entrepreneurship and promoting hygiene among kids.

 We take pride in the fact that we’ve been able to promote women entrepreneurship over the past four years not only in India but also across the globe. Also, the DIY club of activities is largely becoming popular among kids and their guardians as it enhances creativity. We try to promote soap making as a hobby among kids as it also promotes hygiene and provides knowledge of various herbs, essential oils (and other such techniques) to the kids as well as their guardians.

 Soapy Twist is quickly becoming a name to promote DIY concepts in bath and body products. We are growing at a fast pace and given the rising interest among individuals towards DIY bath and body products, we aim to tap into unforeseen possibilities.

The satisfaction of our clients is our foremost priority, which depends upon the quality of the products and the customer service we provide to them. Therefore, we perform various quality control tests in accordance with the set industrial and our business standards and are distinguished for our spotless perfection and great services.