By: Soapy Twist - March 18 - Beauty DIY Videos

Learn to make your on sulfate and paraben free aloe vera shampoo using our Sulfate Free Shampoo Base.

By: Soapy Twist - July 23 - Beauty DIY Videos

Learn to make sulfate and paraben free papaya body wash at home!

By: Soapy Twist - June 23 - Beauty DIY Videos

Learn to make cubes melt and pour soap!

By: Soapy Twist - June 17 - Beauty DIY Videos

Learn how to do layering with melt and pour soaps.

By: Soapy Twist - April 04 -

Bath and body products have come a long way over the ages. From soaps to body washes to shower gels and to bath salts, they have all changed the overall bathing experience. Soaps have been the most primitive and most popular of all bath and body products. 

The reason we are discussing this topic today is that commercial soaps are made up of many chemicals, and since we use soap on most parts of our body it is imperative to discuss what goes into the soap and its effects on our skin.

By: Soapy Twist - April 01 - Beauty DIY

Learn how to make Rosemary Shampoo at home using Soapy Twist Pearly Shampoo Base, Rosemary Essential Oil, Rose Fragrance Oil and Red Colour.

By: Soapy Twist - February 26 - Beauty DIY

Make your own face packs using Soapy Twist Apple Powder. Apple contains vitamins A, B, C and anti-oxidants which are all good for skin. Apples are a rich source of various phytochemicals including flavonoids. We all know the wide use of apple cider vinegar for skin and hair problems. 

By: Soapy Twist - January 23 - Beauty DIY - 6 Comments

Make your own Cream using Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Saffron, Apricot Kernel Oil and Geranium Essential Oil.

By: Soapy Twist - January 20 - Beauty DIY

After a long busy day, there’s nothing better than a hot bath enriched with fragrant bath salts. No, you don’t need to head to an exclusive spa for top notch aromatherapy treatment : It’s surprisingly easy to prepare your own blend at home.

By: Priyal Jain - Soapy Twist - October 16 -

Remember how Soapy Twist wanted to create the Diwali Twist. You may be wondering why should you do this and some of you might be having trouble in identifying and convincing yourselves with reasons to believe in our new concept. 

We will highlight reasons that will lead you to accept new traditions.

Here are the reasons why you should rebrand your gift this Diwali: