Organic Apple Powder

₹ 270.00

Soapy Twist Apple Powder is 100% natural and certified organic.

It can be used to lighten, brighten and soothe the skin owing to the high content of collagen and elastic present in it, which helps to keep the skin flawless and youthful. It helps to hydrate and cleanse the skin as well. It has anti-ageing benefits and helps in treatment of acne, blemishes and dark spots.


Recommended for Melt and Pour Soaps : Yes

Recommended for Cold Process Soaps : Yes

Recommended for Creams/Lotions : Yes

Recommended for Face Packs/Masks : Yes




Get the best organic herbs for soap making and cosmetic making at Soapy Twist. Shop for certified organic apple powder at Soapy Twist.

MRP : ₹

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