Neon Pigment Colour Pack (8 colours)

Neon Pigment Colour Pack (8 colours)



The Neon Pigment Colour pack contains 8 neon colours :

  1. Brilliant Blue Neon Pigment (25g)
  2. Crimson Red Neon Pigment (25g)
  3. Electric Green Neon Pigment (25g)
  4. Golden Yellow Neon Pigment (25g)
  5. Hot Pink Neon Pigment (25g)
  6. Magenta Neon Pigment (25g)
  7. Orange Pop Neon Pigment (25g)
  8. Bright Yellow Neon Pigment (25g)

Application & Usage

For melt and pour soaps : Mix 1g of colour in approximately 5g of glycerin and mix vigorously. You can use the mixture to colour your soaps.

These colours tend to make the transparent soap bases hazy but give bright colours.

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