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Article: Difference between Fragrance Oils & Essential Oils

Difference between Fragrance Oils & Essential Oils

difference between essential oils & fragrance oils

Adding perfume to your handmade soap is a vital step in soap making. Adding scents to your DIY Skin & Hair Care gives it an attractive character and make it even more appealing to your consumers. Especially useful in personalized DIY Skin care or soaps for children, an important decision that a soap crafter or cosmetic formulator needs to take is which scent to use, Fragrance oil or Essential Oil.

Come lets make a comparative analysis of both and see which options suits our soap making / Skin and Hair Care formulation project.



Essential Oil

Fragrance Oil

What they are?

Essential Oils are


Highly concentrated Aromatic essence

Extracted from leaf, root, bark, flower of a plant


Fragrance oils are


Synthetically made from Aromatic plants

Tested for Safety to use on skin

Available in a wider range of options

Useful for

Scent for Soap Making

Perfume for DIY Moisturizer

Aroma therapy

Oil Diffusers

Scented Candles

With exclusive skin & wellness benefits

Scent for Soap Making

Perfume for DIY moisturizer

Add to DIY Skin & Hair Care Cosmetics

Do not give any skin care benefits

Added only for attractive fragrance


Pure and Natural

Organic essences useful in healing

Physical, emotional & mental health.

Cost effective

Synthetically made yet skin safe

Gives your DIY Skin & Hair care cosmetics an interesting character.


Limited Options

May not suit everyone

Do not have any healing capacity


Soapy Twist Essential oils are certified for 100 % Purity by an NABL Certified Laboratory.

Soapy Twist fragrance oils are Phthalate Free & Paraben Free

Soapy Twist also offers a special range of Allergen Free Fragrance oils which are perfectly suited for sensitive skin


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