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Article: How to add color to your Handmade Soap & DIY Cosmetics

How to add color to your Handmade Soap & DIY Cosmetics

Adding Color to your handmade soap & DIY cosmetics is optional, however, it sure makes your end product attractive, unique, and exclusive.

Soap making colorants are skin safe, cosmetic grade pigments that come in a variety of options.

Soapy Twist offers the best quality, non – bleeding Soap Making Colors, Mica and Neon Pigment Powders in very attractive shades and hues.

Let us explore each category of soap colorants which will help us decide which soap color is best for our project.

  1. Liquid Color: Soapy Twist’s liquid color is a highly concentrated cosmetic grade, skin safe color which is useful for soap and cosmetic making. These colors are best suited for DIY moisturizers, body lotions, face & body washes as well as transparent or single-colored soaps. Just one drop is sufficient to get an attractive hue of the color. Soapy Twist’s Liquid pigment is available in 9 vibrant colors. A Basic Color pack with all the colors is also on offer.

To check out and order Liquid Pigments, click here.

 Neon Pigments: Soapy Twist’s Neon Pigment Powders are multi-purpose vibrant colorants perfectly suited for handmade soaps, DIY moisturizers & body lotions, especially useful in designer scented candles as well as in bath bombs and bath salts.

         To use a neon pigment effectively in your bath and body care projects, mix           the pigment powder in glycerin or propylene glycol in 1: 5 ratio.

         Neon Pigments are available in 8 bright hues of a range of attractive                   colors.

To check out the available options and order Neon Pigments, click here.


  1. Mica & Pearly Powders: Micas are a naturally occurring mineral extracted from rocks. They are available in powder form and give a shimmering effect on your soap. These colorants do not fade over time. You can directly put a pinch of mica into your melted soap base and mix it well. These colors work best for your layered or multicolored handmade soaps as they are non-bleeding. Soapy Twist offers a variety of 12 attractive shades of Mica Powders to choose from. Use them in your liquid soaps, bath bombs, body scrubs, bath salts and other DIY Skin & Hair Care projects.

Shop for best quality Micas from here.

  1. Lip Safe Colors: Soapy Twist’s Lip Safe Colors are best suited for your handmade lipstick, homemade lip scrub, DIY lip balm, and lip butter. Soapy Twist offers lip safe colors in ready to use pastes that are available in 7 options.

To check out the available options and to order lip safe colors click here.


            Is Food color suitable for soap and cosmetic formulations?

  • It’s a common myth that food color is a safer option for soap and cosmetic making.
  • Food color is not advised to be used in the soap as the color does not hold up and fades quickly.
  • Also, in case you are using two or more colors for layering or embeds, food color will bleed.
  • Furthermore, the preservation make up of food color is designed keeping food items in mind which get consumed much faster than cosmetics, therefore always use cosmetic grade, skin safe colors only in your handmade bath and body care products.

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