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Article: How to make an Exfoliating Coffee & Sugar Scrub

How to make an Exfoliating Coffee & Sugar Scrub

'Revive your Glow: Stimulate, Exfoliate, Condition, and Nurture Your skin to radiance with this Exquisite Coffee and Sugar Scrub.'

How to make an Exfoliating Coffee and Sugar Scrub

Indulge in a skincare ritual that goes beyond the ordinary with our Exfoliating Coffee and Sugar Face Scrub. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating fusion of finely ground coffee beans and gentle sugar crystals, meticulously crafted to unveil the radiant complexion you deserve. This dynamic duo brings more than just aromatic bliss to your skincare routine; it serves as a powerful exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and unveiling a fresh, radiant layer beneath.


The caffeine in coffee is renowned for its ability to stimulate circulation, reducing puffiness and leaving your skin looking revitalized. Combined with the natural humectant properties of sugar, this scrub not only buffs away dullness but also locks in moisture, leaving your skin irresistibly smooth and luminous. 

Additionally, the Foaming Bath Whip base used in this recipe is an extremely moisturizing and nourishing cleansing butter that lathers well. 

All in all, a homemade exfoliating coffee and sugar scrub is personalized and cost-effective. Also, you can be completely confident about the quality of the ingredients that go into it. Eventually, you can stay away from unwanted harsh, and harmful chemicals.

Embrace the transformative benefits of our Coffee and Sugar Face Scrub – where the energizing essence of coffee meets the sweet sensation of rejuvenation.


Exfoliating Coffee and Sugar Scrub


300 grams, Foaming Bath Whip Base

300 grams, Brown Sugar

70 grams, Ground Coffee

15 ml, Coffee Fragrance Oil


1. In a sanitized wide-mouthed container, weigh and add 300 grams of Foaming Bath Whip base, whip the base with the help of an electric beater for not more than 2 minutes till the foaming bath base becomes fluffy.

Step 1 Add the Foaming bath whip base to a bowl and whip it.

2. Weigh and add 300 grams of Brown sugar to the whip base and mix well.

Step 2 Add Brown Sugar and whip well

3. Weigh and add 70 grams of ground coffee to the whip base and mix all the ingredients till they blend.

Step 3 Add coffee to the base and mix well


4. Finally add 15 ml of Coffee Fragrance oil and mix till it is infused completely.

Step 4 Add Coffee fragrance oil

5. With the help of a spatula or spoon, fill in airtight containers and secure with a lid.

Step 5 Fill in a sanitised container and secure with a lid


Store at room temperature in an airtight glass jar, or san jar to keep your scrub protected from environmental moisture.


Use within twelve months.


1. Foaming Bath Whip Base: 

Apart from being a luxurious as well as ornamental experience, this base is sulfate-free, soap-free, propylene glycol-free, and paraben-free. Therefore, it gives a mild and gentle cleansing experience. It has a pH of 5.5 to 7 and it is suitable for babies and people with sensitive skin.

2. Brown Sugar: Packed with natural glycolic acid, brown sugar promotes cell turnover, helping to reveal a fresh, radiant complexion. Plus, its humectant properties lock in moisture, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and glowing. The sweet touch of brown sugar turns your scrub into a pampering treat, making your skincare routine a delightful indulgence.

3. Coffee Powder: The caffeine in coffee is like a wake-up call for your skin. It stimulates blood flow, reduces puffiness, and you look refreshed and revitalized. Its antioxidant properties also help to fight free radicals. Coffee not only smoothens but also protects your skin. Incorporating coffee powder into your scrub is like giving your skin a daily dose of invigoration and a much-needed energy boost.


Whipping up a homemade exfoliating coffee and sugar scrub is an exhilarating as well as creative learning experience. As you embark on the journey of crafting your exfoliating Coffee and Sugar Scrub, you engage in a self-care ritual that unveils the radiant glow in you.  Elevate your skincare routine and relish in the bliss of a refreshed, rejuvenated, revitalized you – because you deserve nothing less.

Give yourself the gift of nature.

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