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Article: Natural Castile Body Wash

Natural Castile Body Wash

Cost-effective and Sustainable handmade bathing luxury!

Natural Castile Body Wash

Make a homemade natural liquid body wash with Soapy Twist’s Natural Castile Liquid soap base. This liquid soap is effectively useful in making body washes, hand washes, face wash, and pet shampoo.

In this recipe, Soapy Twist shares an easy-to-follow formula enriching the body wash with further conditioning agents like Jojoba Oil and Jasmine Essential Oil.


200 grams, Natural Liquid Castile

1 ml, Jojoba Oil

1 ml, Jasmine Essential Oil

Salt Solution, for thickening the body wash


  1. In a clean and sanitized beaker, weigh and add 200 grams of Natural Liquid Castile soap.

Step 1 Pour the Castile Liquid Soap

    2. Add 1 ml of Jojoba Oil to the base and stir till it is mixed fully.

Step 2 Add Soapy Twist fragrance oil

    3. Infuse 1 ml of Jasmine Essential oil into the mix and stir well.

Add Soapy Twist Jasemine Essential Oil

      3. If you find that your body wash is a bit runny, you may add a salt Solution* a spoonful at a time and mix till the body wash becomes thick.

  • To make the salt solution, take 48 grams of water add 12 grams of salt to it, and keep it aside.


Pour in a sanitized pump bottle and store at room temperature.


Use within 24 months


1. Natural Liquid Castile Soap Base: This Sulfate-free natural castile liquid soap base is a blend of coconut, castor, and olive oils and is further enriched with Aloe vera for additional moisturization.  

2. Jojoba Oil: It cleanses, moisturizes, and nourishes the skin while keeping it soft and supple along with fighting free radicals.

3. Jasmine Essential oil: It has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that help remove dryness and maintain the skin’s pH balance. The essence of Jasmine improves the skin's elasticity, ensuring it feels young and supple.


1. Sustainable, Cost-Effective Skincare: DIY Skincare is more sustainable and budget-friendly as you can buy your yearly stock at one time at half the price of the store-bought product of similar quality. 

2. Personalised to your choice: Handmade Castile Liquid Body Wash can be customized to your personal preference and choice.

3. An excellent gifting option: With more and more people moving towards personalized skin care, gifting your loved ones handmade skincare products makes the occasion even more special.


Embracing the culture of DIY Skincare helps one contribute in a humble but meaningful way towards reducing their carbon footprints apart from ensuring that minimalistic chemicals go on their skin. Furthermore, it cost effect and sustainable.




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