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Article: Organic Face Toner for Dry Skin Recipe

Organic Face Toner for Dry Skin Recipe

handmade organic rose toner for dry skin

Toning your face twice daily ensures that your skin feels rejuvenated, young, and radiant always.

The market is full of chemical-laden, alcohol-based toners which are costly.

Making your own Certified organic Toner for Dry Skin ensures that you have pure ingredients that will surely give you desired outcomes. Furthermore, getting involved with your DIY Skin care is a nerve relaxing experience and an interesting hobby. You can also add this organic, alcohol-free toner to your DIY Skin care hampers.

For home based Soap & Cosmetic Business owners, this easy to follow three ingredient recipe can offer additional flavor to your product range.

Best For:

  1. Removing make up / dirt / soap residue from face
  2. Maintaining skin’s pH Balance
  3. Minimizing appearance of pores
  4. Keeping skin hydrated, fresh & supple
  5. Protecting the skin from environmental stress

Makes: 1 bottle of 100 Grams



Soapy Twist Organic Witch Hazel, 67 grams

Soapy Twist Organic Aloe Vera Distillate, 33 grams

Tea Rose Essential Oil, 1 ml


  1. Firstly, in a clean sanitized container weigh and pour 67 grams Organic Witch Hazel.
  2. Secondly, add 33 grams Aloe Vera Distillate to the container.
  3. Finally add 1 ml of Tea Rose Essential oil
  4. Mix everything together, and your Organic Natural toner for dry skin is ready to use.

Packaging Tips

Store your Organic Natural Toner for Dry Skin in a sanitized plastic or glass spray bottle.

Keep it at room temperature

Use within 12 months

How to Use:

Always observe the daily routine of Cleansing – Toning – Moisturizing

On a washed, clean & dry face spray some toner keeping your eyes closed and let the toner get absorbed in your skin.

Alternatively, spray some toner on a cotton wool and dab it on your face, gently wiping away the dirt / make up residue

Follow up by applying your moisturizer.

Use toner twice daily.

Always do a patch test before using a handmade cosmetic product.

Disclaimer: This DIY recipe is intended for educational purposes only and not to be used as professional or medical advice. While we strive to ensure the information is accurate, we make no representation of its accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for a particular purpose. Therefore, the user assumes full liability for all decisions made based on this information.

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