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Creative Christmas Ornament Ideas: Unleash Your Imagination this Holiday Season!

 Transform your Handmade Soaps to Christmas Ornaments

Do you want your children to be involved in your Christmas Decorations?

Would you like to surprise your child with an attractive Christmas Ornament that can be used every day?

Come, let us learn to make Christmas Soaps and transform them into unique tree ornaments! 

We can surprise our loved ones by tucking these handmade treasures into their stockings. 

The Spirit of Christmas lies in coming together and using your creative talents to show your loved ones how much you care! These Handmade Soap Ornaments will adorn your Christmas Tree with your personalized efforts. Additionally, it speaks volumes about your ability to make every effort count since your ornament has a multi-purpose use. Come to think of it, you get to decorate your tree and later use these attractive soaps every day and relish the Christmas Vibe! 

Handmade Christmas Ornaments


  1. Handmade soaps with a Christmas Theme, Rectangular Soap Bars
  2. Ribbon or colored String
  3. Cookie Cutter in Snowflakes, Christmas Tree, Reindeer, Santa Clause Shape
  4. Skewer to make a hole in your ornament
  5. Ornament Hook (Optional)
  6. Soap Mica Colors (Optional)
  7. Paint Brush
  8. Gold / Silver Dust Powder
  9. Isopropyl Alcohol


Decorating the Christmas Ornament Soap

  1. Make small soaps in a Christmas Theme soap mold
  2. Alternatively get rectangular/circular plain soap bars and use a Christmas theme cookie cutter to cut out the Ornaments
  3. Use a sharp skewer to make a hole appropriately in the ornament.
  4. Use a paintbrush to dab dry Soap Mica powder on the ornament to add color.
  5. Alternatively, just dust some Cosmetic grade gold/silver powder using a dry brush on the ornament.
  6. Finally spray some Isopropyl alcohol on the colored Ornament to ensure that the color stays secure on the ornament and let it dry.
  7. Shrink Wrap or hand wrap your ornament in a cling film and insert an attractive string or ribbon along the whole to make a loop.
  8. You may also use an ornament loop in place of ribbon or string.

Handmade Snowflake Ornament Soap

It is best to keep your Christmas Soaps ready one day before your Christmas Ornament Decoration.

While it's ok to work with store-bought soap bars, however, to give it a more personalized touch, you may wish to venture into a soap-making activity.

Making soap at home is an easy-to-follow simple yet scientific activity that helps your child learn a new skill as well as apply many skills learned in school. Furthermore, this hobby ensures that you are doing your bit for the planet by helping reduce your carbon footprint. Because, your handmade soap is free from all harmful chemicals like Parabens, Sulfates, SLS, and harsh preservatives. To sum up, homemade soaps are the most cost-effective and creative way to use your time in doing something useful and productive. It's an excellent engagement for the holidays.

Do check out our blog Melt and Pour Soap Making for Children in case you wish to involve your children in this exciting, fun-filled project.


Adding a personalized festive spirit to your Christmas decorations will catapult your Christmas celebration to another level of excitement. Bring in your unique creative expression and let your handmade Christmas Ornament Soap speak volumes about the spirit of caring! Gift your loved ones an ornament that not only serves the purpose of decorating the Christmas Tree but also offers tender love and care. 

Make your efforts shine plenty by sharing the gift of nature with the people you love.

Handcrafted with tender love and care, 
each soap, a nature’s delight,
Celebrate this Christmas with Unique Fanfare, 
With an Ornament that is Oh, so bright!

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