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Article: Argan Oil & Charcoal Anti-Acne Soap Recipe

Argan Oil & Charcoal Anti-Acne Soap Recipe


 Argan Oil & Charcoal Anti - Acne Soap

Certified organic Argan Oil & Sulfate Free Charcoal based Anti-Acne Soap is a one-point solution for your face & body acne, other skin irritants, and body odor. Soapy Twist brings to you a tried and tested 3 ingredient recipe which is simple to make and is a powerhouse of nutrients.

Why make your own Soap?

  • People who are sensitive to fragrance oils and other synthetic ingredients can choose to go fragrance-free with this recipe or add an Essential oil of their own choice.
  • The Sulfate Free Soap Base used in this recipe is very mild and is free from harmful and harsh chemicals ensuring pure ingredients go on your skin.
  • Making your own DIY Skincare products gives you a great sense of accomplishment along with ensuring that you get the best quality product at half the price of a similar store-bought product.
  • You can customize your soap to your style by choosing a perfume of your choice and molding it in a shape of your choice.
  • You can make a stock of 10 soaps at one go and ensure your daily skincare regime is taken care of for nearly one year!
  • All this and more are promised in this Handmade Soap recipe, come, let us quickly get started!

Best For:

Deep cleansing

Gentle Exfoliation

Detoxification of Skin

Supports in Acne – Treatment

Reduces Skin Inflammation

Natural De-odorizing

Makes 5 soaps of 100 grams.

Time 40 minutes


Soapy Twist Sulfate Free Activated Charcoal Soap base, 500 Grams

Soapy Twist Certified Organic Virgin Argan Oil, 5 ml

Soapy Twist Tea Tree Essential Oil, 5 ml


  1. Weigh and cut Soapy Twist Sulfate Free Activated Charcoal soap base in a sanitized heat-safe sanitized container and melt it in a double boiler/microwave till it melts fully.
  2. Add 5 ml of Virgin Argan oil to the melted soap base and mix till it incorporates fully.
  3. Add 5 ml of Essential Oil of your choice, here we have added Tea Tree Essential oil and mix till it is infused fully.
  4. Pour the melted Soap base mix into a heat-safe silicone soap mold.
  5. Spray the surface of the soap immediately to get rid of any air bubbles and let the soap set for 40 minutes.
  6. Once fully hardened, demold the soap and your Anti-Acne Sulfate Free Charcoal Soap is ready to use.

Packaging Tips

Shrink wrap / Hand wrap your soap in a cellophane sheet to protect your soap from environmental moisture.

Store at room temperature for further use.

Use within 24 months.




Disclaimer: This DIY recipe is intended for educational purposes only and not to be used as professional or medical advice. While we strive to ensure the information is accurate, we make no representation of its accuracy, completeness, or appropriateness for a particular purpose. Therefore, the user assumes full liability for all decisions made based on this information.

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