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Plastic Dropper (30 pieces)
Plastic Dropper (30 pieces) Sale price₹ 190.00
Measuring  Jar-1000ml
Measuring Jar-1000ml Sale price₹ 440.00
Measuring Jar-500ml
Measuring Jar-500ml Sale price₹ 250.00
Measuring Jar- 250 ml
Measuring Jar- 250 ml Sale price₹ 225.00
Measuring Jar- 60ml(Pack of 4)
Measuring Jar- 60ml(Pack of 4) Sale price₹ 349.00
Measuring Jar-10ml(Pack of 5)Measuring Jar-10ml(Pack of 5)
Measuring Jar-10ml(Pack of 5) Sale price₹ 249.00
Oven Top Soap Melter
Oven Top Soap Melter Sale price₹ 1,195.00
Crinkle Cutter
Crinkle Cutter Sale price₹ 469.00
Measuring Cutter
Measuring Cutter Sale price₹ 415.00
Measuring Jar-125ml
Measuring Jar-125ml Sale price₹ 180.00
Measuring jar-2000ml
Measuring jar-2000ml Sale price₹ 490.00
Sold outLip Balm Stand
Lip Balm Stand Sale price₹ 1,270.00
Plain Cutter
Plain Cutter Sale price₹ 405.00
Modeling Tools
Modeling Tools Sale price₹ 520.00