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Whip us the most exotic indulgence for the skin with foaming bath whipped cream Cookie Soap!

DIY Cookie Soap

This delightful experience of self-care and self-expression promises to transform your bath time into a delectable treat! Learning how to make an exotic cookie soap will ensure a luxurious cloud of creamy, cookie-scented lather enveloping you in pure bliss, turning your bathroom into a spa-like haven. Why settle for ordinary when you can whip up extraordinary? Crafting your foaming bath whipped cream Cookie Soap allows you to tailor the experience to your liking – from choosing the perfect cookie fragrance to customizing the texture that suits your skin.


Your handmade Cookie soap will make for an excellent birthday party return favor. Additionally, pair your cookie soap with a spa-inspired gift basket that includes other self-care essentials like scented candles, bath salts, and a soft towel. This makes for a thoughtful and indulgent gift for someone who deserves a bit of relaxation. Above all, you can add this exotic visual treat to seasonal gift bundles, bridal shower favors, and DIY Beauty Gift boxes.

Let us learn this easy-to-follow recipe and make our festive spirit ever so special.


DIY Cookie Soap


500 grams, Soapy Twist Transparent Soap Base

2 drops, Liquid Brown color

16 grams, Chocolate Fragrance oil

300 grams, Foaming Bath whip base


  1. Cut and melt 500 grams of Soapy Twist Transparent soap base.

Step 1 Cut and melt Soap base

2. Add two drops of brown color. You may adjust the amount of color to get a shade to your liking. Additionally, Add 10 grams of Chocolate fragrance oil.

Step 2 Add Fragrance and Color

3. Mix well, till the color is incorporated fully and the fragrance oil is infused completely.

 Mix everything together

 4. Fill 25% of the round mold (this will determine the thickness of the biscuit), let the soap set for 30 minutes.

Step 4 pour soap in soap base

5. Whip 300 grams of foaming bath whip base for two minutes till the base doubles up. Make sure you do not overwhip the base or else it will fall flat.

Step 5 Whip the foaming bath base

6. Add 6 grams of Chocolate fragrance oil to it and mix well.

Step 6, add fragrance to the whipped foam base

7. Take out the brown soap from the mold and pipe the mixture onto it in one circular swirl. Do not make more than one swirl of whipped base or else it will spill over when sandwiched.

Step 7 make first layer of Cookie Soap

8. Complete the first layer by placing the second soap over the swirl. You may stop at two layers if you like.

Step 8 complete the first layer

9. Repeat the process for the second layer of your cookie soap and leave it for 24 hours to set.

Step 9 Complete the second layer

Your Cookie Soap is ready to use!


Place it in a small cupcake window box for gifting or selling.

Individually, you may shrink-wrap your soap and tie a ribbon or decorative string on top.


  1. Use a variety of shapes and fragrances to make an assortment of cookie soaps, and put them together in a gift box, and give them away as a personalized gift box.
  2. You may use a different soap base like African Black Soap Base for your cookie base.


There is no better way to infuse joy and warmth into your celebrations than with the enchanting touch of exotic handmade cookie soap. Crafting these delightful creations not only allows us to indulge in the art of self-care but also offers a unique and personalized gift-giving experience. The process of making and sharing these luxurious soaps becomes a celebration, fostering a sense of creativity and thoughtfulness. Whether adorning a skincare hamper, elevating a personalized gift, or becoming the centerpiece of a festive-themed bath-time treat, the exotic handmade cookie soap adds a touch of sweetness to our lives. So, this festive season, let us revel in the joy of crafting, gifting, and pampering ourselves and our loved ones with the decadent luxury of homemade cookie soap – a celebration of the season and the art of self-love."

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