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Article: The Charm of Soy Wax Sachets: A Perfect Handmade Gift This Festive Season

The Charm of Soy Wax Sachets: A Perfect Handmade Gift This Festive Season

soy wax sachet

In the age of DIY and eco-friendly living, soy wax sachets are rapidly emerging as a beloved alternative to traditional home fresheners. Not only are they easy to craft, but they also harness the gentle charm of nature to keep your spaces smelling delightful. Today, we'll dive into the world of soy wax sachets and even share a simple recipe so you can craft your very own aromatic masterpiece at home.

Why Soy Wax Sachets?

Before delving into the DIY guide, it's essential to understand why these sachets are garnering attention.

  1. Natural and Non-Toxic: Soy wax is a plant-based product, making it a natural and healthier alternative to many commercial fresheners that may contain chemicals.

  2. Customizable: You have complete control over the fragrances, choosing essential oils that resonate with your mood or the ambiance you wish to create.

  3. Aesthetically Pleasing: With the addition of dried flowers and spices, these sachets can be real visual treats, adding a touch of rustic charm to any space.

  4. Eco-friendly: Unlike many plastic-packaged fresheners, soy wax sachets are biodegradable. Moreover, soy wax is sustainable, ensuring you're making an environmentally-conscious choice.

DIY Soy Wax Sachet Recipe

soapy twist waes



  1. Melting The Waxes: In a double boiler or a microwave-safe container, melt the 70g soy wax and 30g white beeswax. Ensure you stir them occasionally for a uniform melt.

  2. Infusing Fragrance: Once the waxes are entirely liquid, carefully add your chosen essential oil. A 5-7% ratio ensures a lasting fragrance without being overpowering.

  3. Molding: Pour the melted mixture into your sachet mold. Remember, the mold shape will determine the final look of your sachet, so choose something that appeals to your aesthetic.

  4. Decoration Time: Wait for a bit until a thin layer forms on top of the poured mixture. Once this happens, gently place your dried flowers and spices onto it. They will semi-sink, creating a beautiful, embedded appearance.

  5. Setting: Allow the sachet to cool and harden completely. Depending on the size of your mold and room temperature, this might take a few hours.

Using Your Soy Wax Sachet

soy wax sachet

Place your sachet in drawers, closets, or any space you'd like to freshen up. The combined scent of the essential oil and the natural aroma of dried flowers and spices will keep your belongings smelling lovely. Replace every few months or when you feel the fragrance has diminished.

Soy Wax Sachet vs. Naphthalene Balls

While naphthalene balls have been a traditional choice for warding off pests and freshening up spaces, they come with their set of drawbacks:

  • Toxicity: Naphthalene balls can be harmful if ingested, posing a risk, especially in households with children.

  • Strong Odor: The scent can be overpowering for some people and might lead to headaches.

  • Environmental Concerns: Naphthalene is a non-renewable resource and isn't biodegradable.

In contrast, soy wax sachets are natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and possess a gentler, customizable aroma.


Soy wax sachets are not just an eco-friendly choice but also a delightful project to embark upon. As you craft these sachets, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of fragrances, creativity, and the satisfaction of producing something beautiful and functional. So, the next time you think of freshening up your space, consider the soy wax sachet route – for nature's touch in every whiff!

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