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Article: Guide to use Cosmetic Clays in DIY Skin & Hair Care Cosmetics

Guide to use Cosmetic Clays in DIY Skin & Hair Care Cosmetics

A cosmetic clay is a mineral rich organic powder that is rich in magnesium, potassium, silica and calcium. It naturally occurs from ashes of Volcano or rocks that have stood the test of time. These powders have several healing powers and are popular in skin and hair care cosmetics.

The common benefits of all clays are as under:

  • Draw out excess oils from skin
  • Detoxify and clears skin
  • Purify & Softens skin
  • Have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Have antiseptic properties
  • Naturally soothing for skin

Soapy Twist offers a variety of options in Cosmetic clays. These Clays offer a pastel, toned down, earthy appearance to your soap. Apart from giving a natural pigment, to your DIY Skin & Hair Care Cosmetic, Cosmetic Clays invigorate your skin by the gentle exfoliating properties as well as their exclusive therapeutic value. Also, they can cleanse dirt and absorb excessive oils and make an excellent combination in your Handcrafted Soap, Face Mask, Face and Body Scrub.

 You can choose from a variety of Cosmetic clays from here to formulate your exclusice range of Handmade Skin & Hair Care Products.

The different types of Clays on offer

Name of Clay



Kaolin Clay

Also known as China clay / White Clay.

Helps remove black heads & white heads from facial skin

Best suited for Oily as well as Dry Skin.

Add to Face Mask, Handmade Soap, Soap free Cleansing Powder, Scrubs & Body Wraps.

Calamine Powder

A composition of Zinc Oxide & Ferric Oxide.

Calms & naturally tones the skin.

Best suited for Sensitive, acne prone skin. Natural home remedy for skin irritants like redness, rashes, itchiness.

Add to Face Mask, Handmade Soap & Body Lotion.

Fuller’s Earth / Multiani Mitti

Improves the texture of skin by removing acne & blemishes.

Offers a radiant glow.

Suitable for all skin types.

Best used in Face Packs, Handmade Soap, Hair Masks, Shampoo, Body Wraps & Scrubs.

Rhassoul Clay

Absorbs excess oils & impurities & naturally moisturizes the skin.

Offers a pastel pink hue to your handmade soap & cosmetics.

Suitable for combination to dry skin type.

Useful in Designer Soaps, Face Masks & Shampoos.

Bentonite Clay

Rejuvenates skin & gives it an even tone.

Reduces skin inflammation like rashes.

Suitable for all skin types.

Useful in Baby Talcum powder, Handmade Soap, Hair & Face masks.

Rose Clay

It is a type of Kaolin Clay that comes from a naturally occurring Iron Oxide

It is a gentle exfoliator and polisher which cleanses without stripping of the body’s oil balance.

Best suited for Dry Skin

Use in Face Masks, Handmade Soaps, Body Scrubs & Soap Free Cleansing Powder.

Chocolate Clay

It is a blend of chocho powder and Rhassaul clay.

It organically detoxifies the skin and tightens pores.

Useful for all skin types.

Make DIY Face masks, Handmade Soaps, Scrubs, Balms & Bath Butters.

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