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Article: How to Select your Melt & Pour Soap Base

How to Select your Melt & Pour Soap Base

How to select your melt and pour soap base

The very first step in handmade soap making is to choose a good quality soap base considering 99% of your soap is essentially the soap base!

While choosing your soap base, keep in mind the specific skin related needs as well as the broad-spectrum benefits of the base, apart from keeping their aesthetic value in mind.

Soap bases are available in transparent as well as opaque variety.

Transparent soap bases make excellent see through, sparkly soaps with their exclusive benefits. They bring out the brightest hue of a soap pigment and are best suited for embeds, layering and chunky designs.

Some of the options in transparent soap bases are,

Extra Clear Soap Base  which has highly moisturizing properties.

Aloe Vera Soap Base which has anti-inflammatory properties

Honey Glycerin Soap Base which has anti-aging properties

African Black Soap Base which has skin nourishing properties and is useful for acne prone skin.

Opaque Soap Bases make perfect creamy soaps that go very well with herbal powders, botanicals and exfoliants. The options in this category are given as under.

  1. Clay Soap Base offers gentle exfoliation, with dead cells removing properties.
  2. Goat Milk Soap Base, enriched with Vitamin A and Lactic acid, is an excellent option for skin irritabilities.
  3. Ultra-White Glycerin Soap Base, best suited for making herbal, creamy textured designer soaps.
  4. Shea Butter Soap Base, made with unrefined Shea butter, is best suited for dry and aging skin.
  5. Castile Soap Base, made with olive oil, is perfectly suited for children.
  6. Camel Milk Soap Base, rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin C, is beneficial for pigmented skin and helps brighten the skin.
  7. Charcoal Soap Base, draws out dirt and oils through its deep cleansing mechanism and help in reducing acne marks, is perfectly suited for Acne prone skin.
  8. Skin pH Soap free Cleanser Base is made using mild surfactants, castor oil and vegetable glycerin. It has the skin pH of 5.5 and is best suited for highly sensitive skin.
  9. Natural Ultra White Soap Base is Eco certified ‘Natural’ because it is made with 100% natural ingredients and is extremely mild on the skin.

While designing your handmade soap, you may use both opaque as well as transparent soap base together for example in case of layered soap, confetti soap, tutti fruity soap or intricate design soaps. 

It is always a good practice to be well informed and choose your soap bases based upon the benefits you are aiming to achive, and therefore combining two bases must also be done keeping the same objective in mind.

You may buy your pick of a high-end quality soap base, here.

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