Beginner's Soap Making Pack

₹ 3,500.00

Beginner's Soap Making Kit is the perfect combo of easy to melt soap bases, colours, fragrances and soap mould.

Beginner's Soap Making Kit contains :

Soap Bases

1. Slow Setting Transparent Melt and Pour Soap Base (1kg)

2. Aloe Vera Melt and Pour Soap Base (1kg)

3. Charcoal & Green Tea Melt and Pour Soap Base (1kg)

4. Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap Base (1kg) 


1. Pink Basic Colour (10gm)

2. Yellow Basic Colour (10gm)

3. Blue Basic Colour (10gm)

4. Green Basic Colour (10gm) 


1. Jasmine Soap Fragrance Oil (100gm)

2. Green Apple Soap Fragrance Oil (100gm)

3. Almond Soap Fragrance Oil (100gm)

4. Chocolate Soap Fragrance Oil (100gm) 


1. Rectangle Soap Mould (100gm)

MRP : ₹

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