Carnauba Wax

₹ 925.00

Carnauba Wax, also known as Palm Wax or Brazil Wax, which comes from the leaves of the Copernicia Prunifera Palm grown only in Brazil. The wax is obtained by beating the wax of the Dried Palm Fronds and then refining it for use.

The exceptionally high melting point of Carnauba Wax makes it ideal for enhancing the thermostability of cosmetic formulations, which preserves their physical or molecular composition when they are subjected to high heat. With a natural hardness, luster, and water-proofing quality, Carnauba Wax is reputed to be ideal for addition to candles

Its emulsifying, thickening, softening, and emollient properties make it a popular hypoallergenic additive to cosmetics such as face creams, deodorants, various categories of makeup, and sun-protectant products.

The recommended dosage range : 1-25%

Applications and Their Usage Rates:

  • Balms (5-20%)
  • Creams (2-10%)
  • Conditioners (0.5-3%)
  • Deodorants (1-10%)
Melting temperature : 80 to 85 Degree Centigrade

Shelf Life : 5 years
MRP : ₹

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