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Coco Glucoside

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Coco Glucoside is a gentle and eco-friendly surfactant that's derived from coconut oil and glucose. It's a versatile ingredient that is used in a wide range of personal care and household cleaning products. Our Coco Glucoside is of high quality and purity, ensuring that you get the best results for your skin and the environment.

Soapy Twist Coco Glucoside is Ecocert approved.

Uses of Coco Glucoside

Gentle Cleansing: Coco Glucoside is a mild and gentle surfactant that effectively cleanses the skin without causing irritation or dryness. It's perfect for use in facial cleansers, body washes, and shampoos.

Moisturizing Properties: Coco Glucoside is a natural moisturizer that helps to hydrate the skin and hair. It's ideal for use in products designed to nourish and protect the skin, such as moisturizers and lotions.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin: Coco Glucoside is non-irritating and non-toxic, making it suitable for use in products for sensitive skin. It's a gentle alternative to harsh synthetic surfactants that can cause skin irritation and allergies.

Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly: Coco Glucoside is a biodegradable and eco-friendly surfactant that's safe for the environment. It's made from renewable resources and breaks down easily in wastewater treatment systems.

Our Coco Glucoside is a natural and effective ingredient that's perfect for use in a wide range of personal care and household cleaning products. Whether you're looking for a gentle cleanser or a moisturizing lotion, Coco Glucoside is the perfect choice for you. Try it today and experience the natural benefits of this amazing surfactant!

Other Information

MRP: Rs. 510.00 (400g) / Rs. 810.00 (750g)

Country Of Origin: China

Packed & Marketed By: The Soap Crafters 5245 Chowk Bara Tuti Sadar Bazaar Delhi-110006

Coco Glucoside
Coco Glucoside Sale price₹ 400.00