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SunBurst Soap Ingredients

make your own

Sunburst soap

To make your own sunburst soap, you would need suspending soap base, your choice of mica colours and fragrance oils. The most important thing here is to choose suspending soap base so that the two colours don't mix together.

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To make two coloured soap, it is best to use suspending soap base. Colour will be suspended throughout the soap evenly. You can choose either transparent suspending soap base or ultra white suspending soap base.

step 2

choose your colour

You can choose any 2 shades of your choice. We will choose from mica colours as they don't mix with each other and also give a bright colour to the soap.

step 3

choose fragrance of your choice

Choose a fragrance oil of your choice to add scent to you soap. You can select any fragrance of your choice.

step 4

choose your mould

Choose the perfect shape for your soaps with these long lasting silicon soap moulds

that's it

happy soaping!