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Article: Sulfate Free Anti Acne & Skin Brightening Face Wash Recipe

Sulfate Free Anti Acne & Skin Brightening Face Wash Recipe

DIY Sulfate Free Face Wash with Vitamin E & Tea Tree


Why make your Skin Brightening & Anti-Acne Face wash at home?

Soapy Twist guides you with simple easy-to-follow instructions so you can make your homemade Sulfate Free Face Wash within 15 minutes.

Making a face wash at home ensures that the best quality ingredients go on your skin. Furthermore, you can customize your face wash according to your preference and requirements.

Most of all, making your own Skin Brightening & Anti–Acne face wash is a cost-effective and eco-friendly option, where you get 3 bottles of 250 ml excellent quality face wash at the price of one store-bought face wash. Furthermore, you do your bit by reducing your carbon footprint by ensuring minimal waste and reusing/recycling the bottles thereby reducing the use of plastic.

The chief ingredient in the face wash is Soapy Twist Sugar & Amino Acid Suspending Face wash base which is made with very mild, certified ‘Natural’ plant-based foaming agents. The base is Sulfate & Paraben-free, PEG & Silicone free, and it gives abundant moisturization and lather. This face wash base is easy to customize and is pH balanced.

The active ingredients in this recipe are cosmetic-grade castor beads that are infused with extracts and oils with adequate skin-nourishing properties.

All in all, this recipe is a complete skincare daily ritual for all age groups and caters to all skin types.

Best For:

Deep cleaning

Gentle exfoliation

Skin Brightening

Soothing Acne & other skin irritants

Delicate & Sensitive Skin

Makes 3 bottles of 250 grams.

Time 15 minutes


Violet Beads, Oak Bark Extract Active, 5 grams

Red Beads, Tea Tree Oil Active, 5 grams

Yellow Beads, Jojoba Oil Active, 5 grams

Blue Beads, Vitamin E Active, 5 grams

Soapy Twist Sulfate Free Face wash base, 250 grams

French Lavender Essential Oil, 3 grams


  1. In a sanitized wide-mouth container, weigh and put in 5 grams each of Soapy Twsit Violet, Red, Yellow, and Blue beads. Mix them all together.
  2. In a sanitized beaker, weigh and pour 250 grams of Soapy Twist Sugar & Amino Acid Suspending Face wash base.
  3. Add the mixed beads to the face wash base and mix well.
  4. Weigh and add 3 grams of an Essential Oil of your choice. Here we have added French Lavender Essential Oil. Mix till the essential oil is infused fully.
  5. Your Anti–Acne & Skin Brightening Sulfate Free Vitamin E Face Wash is ready to use!

Packaging Tips

  1. Pour and store in a sanitized pump/squeezy bottle or a san/glass jar.

Please Note

  • Keep the lid secure to protect your face wash from environmental moisture.
  • Always store at room temperature
  • For best results use it twice daily
  • Use within 12 months



Disclaimer: This DIY recipe is intended for educational purposes only and not to be used as professional or medical advice. While we strive to ensure the information is accurate, we make no representation of its accuracy, completeness, or appropriateness for a particular purpose. Therefore, the user assumes total liability for all decisions made based on this information.

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