Red Beads- Tea Tree Oil Active

₹ 420.00

Soapy Twist Red Beads or Milliglobules contain Tea Tree Oil Active.

Soapy Twist Milliglobules or Beads are made from renewable source and are not made of plastic. They are biodegradable and are environment friendly.

Milliglobules or cosmetic beads provide for a simple system to add active ingredients in your body care formulations. They break easily on gentle application of pressure releasing encapsulated active, blending into skin and leaving no debris.

Applications :

Creams, Lotions, Gels, Body Cleansers, Hair Gels, Dace Wash, under Eye creams, Foot Care products and much more.


Instead of using soap sprinkles or edible sprinkles in your body care formulations, go for milliglobules with actives which provide skin benefitting properties.


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