Organic Cocoa Butter

₹ 408 ₹ 480

Soapy Twist Unrefined Cocoa Butter is certified organic and a great addition for your body care formulations. It is high in antioxidants which help to fight free radical damage to the skin such as skin ageing, dark patches and dull skin. It is known to reduce stretch marks and provides deep hydration to the skin making the skin soft and supple.

Used topically, Cocoa Butter can be applied directly to the skin to hydrate and prevent dryness and peeling. The hardness and brittleness of Cocoa Butter can be softened by warming its container in a bowl of hot water to make the butter more spreadable. 

Recommended for Creams/Lotions : Yes

Recommended for Lip Products : Yes

Recommended for Melt and Pour Soaps : No

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