Kokum Butter

₹ 290

Soapy Twist Kokum Butter is the perfect addition to your bath and body lotions, creams and butter blends. It is composed of beneficial compounds that helps reduce degeneration of the skin cells, prevents dry skin and restores skin elasticity (wrinkles). It is quickly absorbed into the skin without a greasy feeling to soften skin and heals ulcerations and fissures of lips, hands and soles of feet. It is rich in Vitamin E which makes it apt for skin and hair care. 



Appearance: Off White / Brittle / Butter

Odour: Characteristic

Solubility :  Oil Miscible

Storage: Tightly Sealed / Protected from Heat / Light

Shelf Life: 24 Months when Properly Handled and Stored  



1. Nurtures damaged skin

2. Soothes inflamed skin

3. Provides a supple skin feel

4. Emulsion stabiliser and thickener

5. Improved barrier for natural hydration 



Dry Skin Therapy, Inflamed Skin Treatments, Hair Conditioners, Body Creams, Lotions, Butters, Cold Process Soaps  


Creams and Lotions : 2 to 3%

Cold Process Soaps : 1 to 2%

Salves and Balms : 10 to 20%

Body Butters & Creams : 3 to 8%

Conditioners : 1 to 2% 


Note : All butters should be handled, and stored, with the same, preventative, care that you would use for your oils or any other precious material as they are just as fragile. 

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