Pearly Mica Colour Pack

₹ 2,999.00

Pack of 9 Mica Colours, 25g each:

1. True Red Mica

2. Rose Red Mica

3. Dark Yellow Mica

4. Black Grey Mica

5. Saffron Mica

6. Iridescent Violet Mica

7. Jade Green Mica

8. Cobalt Blue Mica

9. Red Violet Mica


How to Use Micas in Melt & Pour Soap Bases, Liquid Bases, Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, Creams/Lotions.

  • Disperse the pigment in alcohol (IPA or Ethanol) or propylene glycol or fragrance oils or essential oil and then add to your formulation.

How to Use Micas in Cold Process Soaps, Lip Balms/Lip Gloss/Lip Sticks, Candles.

  • Disperse the pigment in a carrier oil or Flavour Oils or Fragrance Oils or Essential Oil and then add to your formulation.
MRP : ₹3109

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