Organic Rose Petal Powder

₹ 299

Soapy Twist Rose Petal Powder is USDA certified organic and 100% natural. It is preservative free and 100% vegan.

Some of the benefits of rose petal powder are :

1. It cools and soothes the skin

2. Lightens Blemishes

3. Acts as a natural exfoliator

4. Prevents pre-mature ageing

5. Evens out skin tone


You can add it to your DIY Body Care Formulations such as face packs, facewash, soaps and other DIY skin care projects.


Note : Since this is an organic product, there might be colour variation from time to time but the quality of the product won't be impacted. Also, the powder might look darker in image because of light. When added in soap it can lead to discolouration. When added in shampoos, bodywash & facewash it can turn to brown which is due to oxidising nature of flower powders. 


Recommended for Melt and Pour Soaps : Yes

Recommended for Cold Process Soaps : Yes

Recommended for Creams/Lotions : Yes

Recommended for Liquid Soaps : Yes


Buy 100% natural pure organic rose petal powder online in bulk only at Soapy Twist.


Please note that since this is an organic and 100% natural product, colour may vary from light red to dark red depending on the colour of the rose.

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