Shea Butter (Refined)

₹ 233.75 ₹ 275

Soapy Twist Refined Shea Butter is pure refined shea butter. It is a soft solid, off white to ivory in colour. It is odour free.

Refined Shea Butter is an excellent skin conditioning agent and emollient. You can apply it directly to get rid of dryness of skin. It is a wonderful moisturiser.  

Soapy Twist Refined Shea Butter is plant based, has good softening effect, is preservative free and given an enhanced skin feel.


Creams, Lip Balms, Lotions, Hair Conditioner, Soaps, Shampoos and much more.


Recommended for Melt and Pour Soaps : No

Recommended for Cold Process Soaps : Yes

Recommended for Creams/Lotions : Yes

Recommended for Lip Products : Yes

Recommended for Liquid Soaps : No


Please note that the consistency of butter can vary according to ambient temperature. The consistency can vary for liquid to hard, depending on the room temperature. This doesn't affect the quality of the butter.  

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