Natural White Beeswax

₹ 400.00

Soapy Twist Natural White Beeswax is 100% Natural And is refined through Physical Processes – No Chemical Process. The Colour May Vary From White To Off White With A Mild, Honey Aroma.

It Is Used In Formulations Where The End Product Is White In Color. Color And Fragrance Can Later Be Added. Beeswax Provides Body And Stiffness To Formulations. Beeswax is very popular in lip balm and DIY deodorant balms.

Applications: Lipstick And Lip Balm, Creams And Lotions, Ointments And Aromatic Candles.

Melting temperature : 60 to 69 Degree Centigrade

Shelf Life : 5 years

MRP : ₹510

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